Hi! I'm Jenny, and I'm from Sweden. This blog has no specific theme, I just mostly post things that make me happy. I used to be a Glee fan, but I don't watch it anymore. I'm still a fan of Kurt and Chris Colfer though, and I still ship Kadam (but I have an intense dislike for Klaine and Blaine - and I'm not particularly fond of Darren Criss either - so if you're a fan of either consider yourself warned). I post and reblog a lot of anime, asian dramas, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, Twin Peaks, Tim Burton, movies, alternative fashion, and other things that catch my interest. And of course, my lady, queen and goddess: Nemi.

I really think Pump up the Volume is a movie many people on Tumblr can relate to. Mark starts his pirate radio show out of loneliness and wanting to express that, and also to express his own interests, like music. And in doing so he connects to people who can relate to how him and are grateful that there are others who feel like they do. It’s easy to recognize the hurt and the frustration, but also the sense of hope and relief in knowing that you’re not alone and that there is always someone willing to listen. It’s really a fantastic movie.

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